Tegware Bagel

  • Fun doodling, anytime

    Jot down anything. Erase it for another go.

    You are free to jot down just about anything. With Tegware Bagel, doodling will be your favorite pastime. You can scribble anything and erase instantly with a simple push of button. Ergonomically designed stylus is pleasant to hold and write. You will feel like keep going. Don’t worry about the battery. A single, non-replaceable battery lasts for incredible 50,000 erases. It’s easy, comfortable and fun.
    Now, you can enjoy the popular Boogie BoardTM eWriter experiences in your palm.

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  • It’s Quick

    Just flip it open, it is ready to go.

    All you need to do is sliding out a stylus and start writing. There is nothing to turn on or manual to learn. It is always ready to go just like pen and paper. Enjoy the ultimate natural handwriting experience that could not be matched in other devices. Write down a phone number, a cool idea while on the street or important appointments not to miss. It is simply ready at all times.

    Can you find anything simpler than this? Compare it with your smart device!


  • World Class

    Protection & Robustness like nothing else.

    Tegware Bagel has gone through the toughest set of tests to make sure its reliability and robustness. It passed over 50,000 times of erase under extreme conditions.

    From synthetic leather to plastic casing, we picked the most durable materials to withstand physical shocks and tough elements while not compromising

    its elegant styles. Using our finest craftsmanship, we paid utmost attention to complete phone protection and access to all controls without hindering.

    Sophisticated magnetic closure hold the case tightly with computer precision. Tegware Bagel guarantees safety whether your phone is placed in a bag or your pocket and provides convenience when opening.


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  • Specifications

    Tegware Bagel

    Material Synthetic leather + PC + Micro fiber
    Dimension 72.5*125*17(mm)
    Net Weight 75g
    Battery Lithium coin battery / 16×16(mm) / 3V / 55mA
    Stylus Pen Included
    Card Storage None
    Designed In California
    Release Date Jan, 2014

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